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    Made In The USA!
    While the U.S. imports 97% of its footwear, we have chosen to guarantee superior quality and to support American workers by manufacturing Get Grounded Footwear™ right here in the good ole U.S.A.

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    Tested & Verified
    Click HERE and See HowWe test every batch of TerraMater Footwear® Material to ensure that your earthing shoes are fully Grounded and in touch with the Earth.

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    To Mother Earth!
    Absorb the Earth’s abundant energy in the form of free electrons to help you feel better, look better, and have more energy. Think of Grounding as your daily dose of “Vitamin G”.

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Get Grounded!

Look Better. Feel Better. Have More Energy.

What is Earthing?

3rd Planet's Get Grounded Footwear™, with its proprietary TerraTechnology®, uniquely and comfortably grounds the wearer while providing necessary foot protection. Get Grounded Footwear™ is manufactured in the USA, is washable, and provides a stabilizing heel cup for added support and comfort. The only Earthing shoes with a fully-grounded footbed!

What is grounding, also known as earthing?

The human species came into existence grounded…. that is, having direct contact between your skin and the Earth. Being grounded is both natural and safe and helps renew your body’s natural energy.

Negatively charged electrons move freely between the earth and the grounded human body. The earth’s surface is brimming with these free electrons as a result of the sun’s energy and an estimated 40,000 lighting strikes per day.

While our natural electrical state is grounded, many of our modern day habits and routines insulate us electrically from the earth. Insulators are very common in our modern day society and include rubber, glass, wood, plastics, and many other synthetic materials.

Because of the houses we live in, the beds in which we sleep, the cars we drive, and the synthetic materials that our shoes are made from, most of us live electrically disconnected from the earth.

So, how do you ground yourself?

It’s as simple as the ground beneath your feet or using the various earthing products available on the market today. The sole of your foot is abundantly covered with some 1300-nerve endings per square inch. Why all the nerve endings, you ask? So you can keep in touch with the earth. By walking barefoot on any grounded surface including grass, sand, dirt, concrete, stones, rocks, and brick, you can be grounded and allow millions of those negatively charged free electrons to enter the body.

Although walking barefoot on the ground is free and a very effective way to ground yourself, there are valid reasons why you would not want to walk barefoot, such as safety, sanitation and hygiene, and inclement weather.

Get Grounded Footwear™, utilizing our proprietary TerraMater Footwear® (Mother Earth) material, allows the wearer to be grounded and protected simultaneously. We call it “Connection With Protection®”. Grounded footwear is new, exciting, unique, and innovative. It makes you feel better and gives you more energy.

It’s like taking a barefoot walk on the beach. So, Get Grounded™ and feel Mother Nature work in your Groundals®.


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