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Earthing Shoes

Did you know earthing shoes can help protect healthy cells from free radical damage?

earthing shoesThe science behind earthing, also known as grounding, is becoming a global phenomenon. People are starting to realize that the connection between our bodies and the Earth is vitally important to our health and longevity. This simple earthing connection allows our bodies to absorb free electrons from the Earth to help neutralize the free radicals we absorb through our diets, stress, pollution, smoking, pesticides, and other environmental factors.

Earthing is not a new practice or idea, it is simply something that has been overlooked. Human beings have been earthing themselves since the beginning of time without realizing the effect it has on our bodies.

What does earthing have to do with shoes? Some time around the 1950's, the footwear industry moved away from leather soled shoes, which are conductive, and toward insulated synthetic materials such as rubber and plastic for the soles of our shoes. This is creating a disconnect between us and the Earth and it's wreaking havoc on our bodies.

If you look at the rise in degenerative diseases caused primarily by chronic inflammation, you will see a direct correlation to the increase in insulated materials being used in our shoes. While additional factors are at play here, such as GMO's in our food and a significant increase in obesity, earthing shoes are a great start to living a healthier and more balanced lifestyle from the ground up. The shoes we wear are just as important as the foods we eat and the amount of exercise we get on a daily basis.

You can experience earthing immediately by going outside and putting your bare feet in the grass, sand, dirt, or other naturally conductive surface. It's a free, effective, and instantaneous way to begin earthing yourself! Try it out and see how you feel after earthing for 30-40 minutes.

Because we can't always be barefoot, we've developed earthing shoes. Watch this short 3D video that explains how Get Grounded Footwear's earthing shoes can provide effortless wellness while you go about your normal daily activities:

You can learn more about the scientific research associated with earthing the human body by visiting The Earthing Institute website at